Sunday, 2 February 2020

Make Up Lesson

Back in November 2019, I decided to have a professional make up lesson. I've been slowly and surely
getting back into make up but I've always felt I'm winging it in the hope that I might look alright. 

Just before we moved house, I got rid of all my rubbish make up. Anything cheap and nasty went, which actually left me with very little. I'd started to buy a few pieces from Charlotte Tilbury, MAC and Nars which all seemed really high quality, but it's only good if you know what you're doing. I had a few brushes too but again, didn't really know which ones to use and hoped that youtube could teach me want I needed to know.

I went to a make up artist named Holly, who works in the West Midlands area. She was so kind and was happy to teach me even being a complete beginner. I opted for a lesson which meant she did one side of my face and I would do the other, which works really well. And I learnt so much!

From colour correcting, to what brushes to use, make up that I needed (wanted) and even some skincare. Obviously, going out and buying everything we used that day would be super expensive, but since November I've picked up a few pieces including Nars concealer and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder which I both think have been super helpful for flawless skin.

Holly also helped me massively with applying false lashes. I don't know about you but I find it impossible! I honestly had no clue about lashes but I was recently sent some from False Eye Lashes to try. I'd never heard of their site but you can buy EVERY brand of eye lash on there which makes it so useful. My favourites are Ardell and Eylure but I'd love to try Doll Beauty too. The ones in the above picture are a natural set from Ardell which I loved wearing, so I can't wait to try the Eylure Naturals. I love the little tweezers too because they will be so helpful for applying them.

I am so glad I had this lesson. It's nice to feel like you are able to use your kit and highly recommend to others who want to improve but have no clue.

*Post in collaboration with False Eye Lashes, all views are my own 
and I'm super honoured to be sent these products, as always.

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