Friday, 6 December 2019

New Home

One week ago, Sam and I moved into our first home. He actually told me off last night because I said ‘new home’ and not ‘first’ but it feels like a new home because we’ve already lived together for one year.

It’s been a really strange week. Last Friday, we moved in and I was sooooo exhausted. I was also performing in a show all week so I literally did not stop and by Sunday, I was done. But, I can honestly say I really do love our house. I can’t believe it’s ours and we are going to live there for a long time. It’s so surreal but at the same time, I’m proud of how much we have achieved.

It doesn’t feel like our home yet and I think it will take a while before it feels homely. We have had two issues so far; one is that the insulation on the top floor is faulty so that is being fixed soon and second is that we ordered a bed which has been delivered faulty TWICE. We don’t really have many furnishings so everything is very basic but we will get there. We have ordered a new sofa and furniture for the living room which is exciting, I just can’t wait for it to arrive. The house doesn’t flow at the moment which is annoying me because things are all over the place and given that it’s a three story house, I’m finding myself going up and down sets of stairs constantly, just to find a hair brush.

We do have so much to do but I’m excited to make the place our own. It’s a massive learning curve and it does feel like we are haemorrhaging money but I’m sure it will slow down eventually. It’s probably not helped that we have moved in a few weeks before Christmas, but at the same time, it’s nice to be in the home for Christmas!

We are also lucky to have really nice neighbours too which I’m pleased about. Both sides have been really helpful with everything, especially because we are the last couple to move onto the street. I’ve also met a lovely neighbour named Gemma who lives on the estate who has become a friend already.

So here’s to the next chapter in our first purchased home.

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