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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

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I'm definitely not a fashion blogger but I was contacted by Femme Luxe to see if I wanted to try a few pieces so I thought I would say yes. I'd never heard of them before but Femme Luxe is an online fashion brand who sell fashionable pieces for affordable prices.

I was lucky enough to be able to pick 4 outfits which are pictured. I went for a body, playsuit, shoulder dress and co-ord set.

There were a number of Co-ord sets but this was plain and simple, something I like. The whole parcel arrived in one working day which I was super pleased about and the quality seems to be really nice. I even think these shorts could be worn at the gym to be honest, even though I know that's not the intention. This set is also really flattering - even though you can't see it on because I am NOT a fashion blogger, you can see that it's figure hugging.

A bold choice, I know but I love the colour of this playsuit and think it will be really nice for a part or something. Again, the quality and fit are nice and it accentuates natural curves. I actually got this for my friend who is more daring than me, and she loves it!

The next item I went for is definitely something that is out of my comfort zone but I thought I would give it a go. There are tonnes of Bodysuits and Corset Tops on this site, but this one caught my eye the most due to the detail and colour. The bodysuit fits really nicely as well but the only thing is that you definitely need nipple covers on (or maybe that's the point..).

And finally, I went for this little black dress which is one of my favourite pieces from this haul. It did come a little bit dirty which is my only moan but I'm sure it will be fine once it has been washed. The dress fits really nicely, however you definitely wouldn't want a food baby with this dress!

I think overall, this was a new shop to me and it was nice to try some new pieces. This probably isn't my style but it was nice to go out of my comfort zone and try things I wouldn't usually do. It's definitely worth checking them out if you like these pieces.

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House Reservation

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

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For anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that Sam and I have recently reserved a house. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest because in August, we early-bird reserved a house with the intention of moving in next June. Well, that’s all changed in the matter of a week which has been exciting, terrifying and overwhelming all at once.

If I rewind to August, we reserved a house which we’d both agreed on but it didn’t have a garage. We both wanted one but there were none left on the site which we wanted to live on so accepted that we would need to buy a garden shed and everything would be fine.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago and Sam texts me to say a plot has become available which is the same as our house but with a garage. We booked an appointment for the weekend, and I can honestly say we spent 10 minutes looking around to know that we wanted the house. 

Someone had actually pulled out of the house, which we later found out was due to their house sale falling through, which meant all of the extras had already been picked AND other people were trying to reserve the house too due to the price. We literally raced home to update our financial adviser to approve us for the sale, so that we could go back to the show homes to reserve the house the next day.

Thankfully, the sales adviser had told everyone that we were reserving so we were able to beat everyone else to it. I was so nervous beforehand because our sales adviser is not the best and I wouldn’t put anything past her.

So our move in date has now moved from June 2020 to end of November 2019 which is a massive difference and everything is happening so quickly but it’s going to be worth it. We’ve sent our paperwork to submit for the mortgage application and the first lot of paperwork to the solicitors. I just hope there aren't any delays because I’d love to be in the house for Christmas.

I’m not sure if I will blog the journey but I have created a new Instagram account called @samsnewhome if anyone wants a nosey over there!
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