Saturday, 21 September 2019

Rome: Pantheon, Piazza Navona & The Vatican City

I've combined day 3 & 4 together in this because day 3 was very much us both wandering in the burning heat, pretty aimlessly and just stumbling into the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. 

We didn't actually go inside the Pantheon because the queue was ridiculous but we got the touristy photos and proceeded to go and buy a pizza by the Navona. I would say though, if you do go, don't do this. If you want pizza, visit a Pizzeria instead as they are soooo much better.

On the final day, we visited the Vatican. We pre-booked this online which you definitely need to do unless you want to wait hours in queues around the city. We opted for a 2 hour tour which was more than enough for me, in fact, our tour guide was slightly annoying and her English wasn't brilliant.

 The biggest 'attraction' is the Sistine Chapel but as you aren't allowed to take photos or talk in there, our guide gave us a 30 minute talk on the paintings prior to going in. It was a shame though because when we got in there, everyone was talking anyway and it was so crowded. The art work is obviously amazing but I think you need to be religious to fully appreciate the works.

The other 90 minutes of the tour was spent going through all of the galleries of paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Again, this was really incredible but I just felt our guide dragged it out and everyone was hot, bothered with aching legs.

We also got a nice view of St Peters Basilica when walking up to the Vatican City, because we had gone the wrong way.

Rome is definitely up there in my top European cities and I definitely recommend going if you haven't been already. There is so much to see, do and eat - all of the things I prefer in a getaway. We had an amazing few days.

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