Autumn Wallpapers

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

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So Autumn is basically here, in fact it might already be? So it means we can change our wallpaper to autumnal backgrounds. Leaves, coffee, pumpkins etc, they are all so cosy! 

 I found most of these lovely wallpapers scrolling through Pinterest which I've linked above. I hope you enjoy them.
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Rome: Pantheon, Piazza Navona & The Vatican City

Saturday, 21 September 2019

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I've combined day 3 & 4 together in this because day 3 was very much us both wandering in the burning heat, pretty aimlessly and just stumbling into the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. 

We didn't actually go inside the Pantheon because the queue was ridiculous but we got the touristy photos and proceeded to go and buy a pizza by the Navona. I would say though, if you do go, don't do this. If you want pizza, visit a Pizzeria instead as they are soooo much better.

On the final day, we visited the Vatican. We pre-booked this online which you definitely need to do unless you want to wait hours in queues around the city. We opted for a 2 hour tour which was more than enough for me, in fact, our tour guide was slightly annoying and her English wasn't brilliant.

 The biggest 'attraction' is the Sistine Chapel but as you aren't allowed to take photos or talk in there, our guide gave us a 30 minute talk on the paintings prior to going in. It was a shame though because when we got in there, everyone was talking anyway and it was so crowded. The art work is obviously amazing but I think you need to be religious to fully appreciate the works.

The other 90 minutes of the tour was spent going through all of the galleries of paintings, tapestries and sculptures. Again, this was really incredible but I just felt our guide dragged it out and everyone was hot, bothered with aching legs.

We also got a nice view of St Peters Basilica when walking up to the Vatican City, because we had gone the wrong way.

Rome is definitely up there in my top European cities and I definitely recommend going if you haven't been already. There is so much to see, do and eat - all of the things I prefer in a getaway. We had an amazing few days.
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Rome: Colosseum & Ancient City

Monday, 16 September 2019

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Day two was the one we had already planned prior to arriving in Rome and if you go, I definitely recommend booking a trip to the Colosseum online or in advance because the queues can be hours long.

I was really looking forward to visiting because even though I'd say I am quite well travelled, this is the first 'wonder of the world' which I've been able to tick off. We had a guided tour of the Colosseum, ancient city and Palentine Hill which was roughly £30 each but worth it just to know about the history because otherwise you are just looking at architecture with no meaning. 

I used to read the horrible history comics when I was a kid and the Romans (and Tudors) were always   my favourite so it was pretty cool to see what they had created in real life. Not that I like complaining, it was pretty hot so standing in the heat for too long was a bit much.

We then went over to the ancient city, which apparently only 30% of tourists visit purely because they don't know about it. I know were told so much about who built what, which emperor requested what but it was so hot that shade is mostly what we were after. The city was so amazing to look at though and we walked all the way up to the top of Palentine hill to get a full view of it all.

We mostly just chilled out in the afternoon, after again walking 8 miles which was tough in the heat. We could have got the metro which is cheap enough but you get to see so much more of the City when you are on foot. Plus we must have saved a fair bit..

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Rome: Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps

Saturday, 14 September 2019

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So yesterday, Sam and I flew home from Rome which was his 29th Birthday present from me, which was back in June. We spent Monday - Friday there, which was maybe a tiny little bit too long but we weren't complaining because the weather was beautiful and we just enjoyed relaxing in the city.

I haven't blogged in a while (broken record, I know) but I thought this might be a good way to make a little come back. I struggle sometimes because I feel like my life is a little boring and routine-y, but Sam and I have a big year next year and it might be cool to write about it.

Anyway, I've pulled together 3 posts from Rome, this one included. We arrived on Monday pretty early and headed to our Airbnb which was one of the best I've ever stayed in. It was a little studio apartment which was so funky, I loved it. We went for lunch (both ate pizzas the size of our heads) and then just wandered around the city, exploring some of the sights.

Pictured above is Fontana di Trevi (Trevi fountain), which is one of the most famous fountains in Rome. It was really beautiful but it was sooooo busy. We managed to get some good photos and a selfie whilst battling other tourists and people selling random items to us which I think is the most annoying thing on the planet.

We then headed to the Spanish Steps, again just to get a photo really because it was so busy with tourists.

After this, we just spent the late afternoon strolling. We sat in a park with a drink for a while, cooking in the 30 degree sun and people watching. It was actually so nice to feel the warmth and sit down as we ended up walking about 8 miles.

The architecture reminded me of Budapest, and Rome has so much history that has made me want to read more about it (in all my spare time lol). We did some guided tours, which I'll mention in the other posts, on the following days which was far more helpful as we didn't really know what things were when just randomly walking.

Having said that, I managed to stumble into sephora and spend 70 euros on Nars make up so wasn't all that bad...

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Competition: Free Chocolate

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

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I've been lucky enough to team up with Wow Free Stuff again, to share another competition they are running and this time it is for Dairy Milk Chocolate. This time they are giving readers a chance to win 1 of 100 chocolate bars each month.

I always get really carried away on WowFree Stuff, just looking and trying to win freebies. It's a win win situation really because nothing is lost... so you may as well have a go!

You can enter easily here

Good luck!
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