Sunday, 26 May 2019


I really am awful at blogging. I was so motivated and then life gets in the way and I just can't be bothered any more. Since the last post, I've actually been really busy; I've ready a lot of books, run the Birmingham 10k (today), suffered a bereavement in my boyfriends family and visited Malta for week.

This trip was booked a few months ago, a cheap escape with my best friend, Emily. We stayed in a three star apartment in Sliema which was perfect for us, and explored somewhere new everyday or sunbathed for the odd afternoon.

We visited a number of places, my favourite two being Valetta and Mdina. Valetta is the capital of Malta was just a short ferry trip over from Sliema. It wasn't too expensive and it was just nice to wander around the streets. We went into the Cathedral and Barrakka gardens which were beautiful however it was sooooo windy when we went that I was actually getting goosebumps.

Mdina is known as the 'silent city' and was my favourite place we visited. Mdina is part of Kingslanding from Game of Thrones, and as a huge fan, it was obviously amazing to be there. It was spookily quiet, not many shops, cafes or places to eat but it was really pretty and nice to walk around. It only cost us about 1.50 euro for a return as well on the bus which was a bargain BUT if you are going, there is only one bus from Mdina to Sliema every hour, and this bus was 30 minutes late each time. It also went past us on the way home after already waiting an hour, so we ended up getting a bus to Valetta and ferry back.

And then the final place I can't not mention is the Island of Comino, where the blue lagoon is. We both really wanted to see this place and were looking forward to it but mistakenly booked a cruise of the whole island which took over 3 hours. That would have been totally fine had the water not have been so rough that I had motion sickness and literally had to leg it to the edge of the boat, to be sick overboard. Attractive, I know. So for the whole time I was on the island, I was recovering and becoming anxious about the trip back to Sliema.

But apart from that.... it was stunning!

I absolutely loved Malta, and definitely recommend it for a cheap, last minute getaway. I wouldn't say I'd go back because I believe life is too short to visit the same place twice but it was a brilliant week.

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