Tuesday, 2 April 2019

April Goals

April; my birthday month, lighter evenings, the beginning of spring, a trip to Vienna and bank holiday weekend. It's set to be a good month hopefully and I feel it's needed. March wore me out, physically and emotionally, and I want April to be the month which restores some balance. Balance is key for me, and I've been feeling a little off balance so I want to level out. So, this is what I'll be doing

1. On Friday, my amazing friend Nicole is coming from Edinburgh to Birmingham and I'm super excited to see her. I think we'll be going to Digbeth Dining Club; I've never been before and it looks amazing so I think i'll be good to show her. It will be such a nice way to end the week

2. Next week I've twenty five and I'm going to Vienna for a long weekend. It's supposed to be such a beautiful city so I can't wait to see it. Travelling and exploring new places is my number one favourite thing to do, so I'm looking forward to some time with Sam.

3. I am having a month without any peanut butter. I have been eating the stuff like no tomorrow (seriously, a 1kg tub per week) and I swear I am becoming the size of a house. I'm going to Malta next month, so whilst I'm not unhappy with my body, I know if something doesn't change, I will be unhappy on holiday so I'm going cold turkey for one month. Already struggling but needs must.

4. I have downloaded an app called 'one second per day' and I'm planning on filming one second everyday of this month. I saw my friend do it and thought it was such a nice way of looking back at the month. So far, so good!

And before we know it... it will be May.

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