Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Why you should try Posted Protein

I'm quite excited about this post actually because I have been working with posted protein now for 2 months and I've loved the whole experience (this is a collaboration but I really do love this brand!).

I used to hate protein products. I used to laugh at people who went to the gym and spent money on protein bars and whey protein. Times have changed, ha!

I really started to try and build muscle around one year ago, and tried a grenade bar. They can be expensive but they are soooo good, so I wanted to buy more and try the different flavours. That's when I found posted protein who literally sell every brand of protein bar.

So even if you don't like the gym or fitness, here's why I think any protein lover should try posted protein.

1. The customer service is unreal. With every order, I get a personalised note which is so nice! I've never really had an issue with them but I've had follow up emails (before I became a rep), checking my order was OK and that I was happy. I have never known that from a brand before and seriously can't fault them. 

2. They always have the up to date products. These two bars came out recently and I know they sold out in a few places, but posted protein made it so easy to get hold of them! I'm not actually as keen on these bars from grenade but I'm glad I could try them easily. 

3. I love how many bars/products there are to try. There is a mix option, meaning you can pick 12 products mix and match, so you can try different brands/flavours without having to buy a whole box of one thing you may end up hating. I've found quite a few new favourites by doing this, so will carry on. 

4. Protein bars can be pricey, but please use my 5% discount code on any order 'SAMBETTERIDGE'.


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