Saturday, 30 March 2019

March Reflections

Work has been so busy this month. I don't really like talking about my job on here because it's a personal job and it's difficult to speak about without breaking someone's confidentiality. But, this month I feel like I've been going from one fire to the next, trying to put fires out before another one sparks alight. Ironically, putting out fires has left me feeling a little burnt and I know my body is tired, I've been overeating and have been living for the weekends.

I do love my job though, these things come in peaks and troughs, but I think it's important to acknowledge when things are harder and take a step back to see how it's impacting you.

I don't really know what I've done this month, it's been a whirlwind which was topped off nicely with some extremely bad news for my boyfriend. Life likes to throw numerous hurdles at once, doesn't it?

I was looking back at my goals for March, thinking I've probably not done any but I have done two out of three.

1) More running outside. Not done once, well done Samantha.

2) Spend less money. I have actually done this. I signed up for a Monzo bank account and it's really helpful for seeing how much you spend on a daily basis and where things go. I think because everything is instant, the money leaves you so much quicker which has made me not want to spend anything!

3. Listen to more podcasts. I have been doing this as well! I'm loving Oenone's podcast, adulting, which I've been trying to listen to at the gym.

So actually, two out of three isn't bad. I 10000% need to try and do more running outside in April because I'm doing a 10k run at the end of May, and would hate myself if I couldn't do it. I'm looking forward to a new month (turning 25), I'm going to Vienna and allllllll the bank holidays. Should be a more relaxed month hopefully.

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