Sunday, 3 March 2019

March Goals

Can you believe it's March already? I definitely feel like the weather has been edging towards a spring vibe, and I know it's kinda scary that it's been so warm, what with global warming and everything, but I do love the sun. This is a picture of flowers my boyfriend spontaneously got for me, bless him; they make me look forward to spring more.

I'm also excited for my birthday next month too. I'm going to be 25. T W E N T Y F I V E. Not sure how that happened and I definitely still think that you should have your sh*t together by 25, but as someone pointed out to me the other day, I think I do. I don't take anything for granted but I live with my boyfriend, financially stable and have a good job. Life is good!

Anyway that's next month, so this month my aims..

1. Start running outside more. I signed up to do the Birmingham 10k in May and the cardio I do is mostly at the gym (spin, combat, treadmill). I've been doing a few 3 milers recently but I need to up my game so that I can run 6 miles in the next 2 months! If anyone does want to sponsor me... click here and I'll be eternally grateful. I'm running for B-eat, the UK's leading eating disorder charity.

2. Stop buying unnecessarily. I got good at this but then last month, things started to slip. I've also had a mess up with the tax man recently too and owe HMRC quite a bit so I need to get better at thinking before buying.

3. Listen to more podcasts. I am really loving Oenone's podcast called 'Adulting' at the moment which I've been listening to in the flat or when running. She talks about everything from sex, drinking, race, feminism etc and it's great. My friend sent me a few other recommendations too so I want to listen to more!

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