Sunday, 24 March 2019


I feel really honoured to be working with Friction Free Shaving for the third time; I just love their products and couldn't turn down the opportunity.

I am someone who shaves regularly, summer or winter, I'm not a fan of hairy legs. That being said, I respect anyone who is the exact opposite. Friction Free Shaving (FFS) offer a subscription box where you choose from either a silver or rose gold, 6 headed blade, to be delivered to you initially. Thereafter, you are sent 4 refills in the post, the idea being a new blade for each week in the month.

For the rose gold handle and 4 refills, it's only £9. NINE POUND. How many of us pay £5-10 for one  razor blade. You can also  choose to add engraving or  pre-shave scrub, shave cream or post shave balm (below). 

I can honestly say, my legs have never been smoother.

At the moment, FFS are doing a gift box which is perfect for Mother's Day too which includes

  • Your choice of Shaviour, the world's first metal razor designed especially for women.
  • Free engraving of your choice (worth £6).
  • Our award winning Shave Cream, packed with moisturising Manuka honey, Shea butter and coconut oil.
  • Our Pre Shave Scrub, a gentle and all natural exfoliate made using the husk of walnuts.
  • Our Post Shave Balm, which provides deep hydration to soothe and condition your skin.
  • Four German-engineered razor refills, each with 6 diamond-coated steel blades and a styling bikini blade.
  • Shower hook, Blade cover, Clamshell Blade Protector and Travel pouch.
If you want to try any of their products, FFS are giving my readers 25% off the first set of blades and free engraving, with the code 'SAMANTHA25'

- post in collaboration with Friction Free Shaving; all views are my own

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