Saturday, 16 February 2019

Fitness: What I've Learnt

I've been a gym member for 15 months now which is something I never thought I'd write. The 16 year old obese teenage self would be mortified right now, and the 20 year old underweight me would be jumping at the thought of hours on a treadmill.

How times have changed.

I have genuinely come so far when it comes to my outlook on exercise. I no longer workout to lose weight; if anything I'm probably heavier now because I lift weights. I'm proud to say I can do a pull up,  deadlift 80kg and clean and press 30kg. I feel strong and I love that feeling.

I love that I am continually progressing, running further, lifting more, trying new exercises and just enjoying experimenting in the gym. It's amazing to think that when you fuel your body, it can do great things.

I used to think the gym was a chore. That exercise was punishment for eating x amount of calories. Now it actually saddens me when women (mostly) are a slave to the treadmill, eating very minimal and thinking this is the way forward. I never thought I'd get to a point where I would exercise for real health benefits, enjoyment and the endorphin release.

It has also really helped me transition out of education. I know that sounds weird but I'm 24 and only just finished with academia, so to just suddenly stop all of that left a gaping hole. I don't miss writing essays or researching but it's odd to be gifted time which I don't know what to do with. Fitness has filled that gap for me. It clears my mind after a hard day, it is something to focus on and something I can always progress with. Heavier lifts; more reps; new moves.

The best thing I ever did was rethink fitness and see how strong my body could become. To move the focus away from what I could lose to think about what I can gain.

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