Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Date Night - Sorrento

At the beginning of the year, my boyfriend and I decided to put the name of every restaurant in our town (which we hadn't been to yet) in a jar. The idea being that we step outside our comfort zone, explore new restaurants and our town, and just try new things.

The plan is to draw a name out each month. We did try one for January but it wasn't the best start and I didn't photograph anything, so we'll start this little series now instead.

So, this month was a little Italian restaurant named Sorrento. 

The restaurant is owned by Italian owners and they were very welcoming, with excellent service. We went the day after Valentines day too and the place was decorated really nicely. Maybe tacky for some but I love how commercial V-day is.

We both chose pasta dishes and both really enjoyed it; probably because we don't usually have pasta very often. Sam wanted to share some bread as well, so we opted for focaccia - a really good choice!

With two dishes, one glass of wine and diet coke, I think the bill was roughly £45 which I didn't think was too bad for Valentines weekend.

Overall, I rated it 7/10 and Sam gave it an 8/10. So I guess the total rating is 7.5. Not bad for date night number two!

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