Saturday, 10 February 2018

Body confidence

Oh hi!

Long time no write. I think this is definitely the longest I've ever not blogged before. Even when I was travelling I was managing to write something once a week but I think this is the first post of the year.

I was going to say I feel guilty but I don't. I have been so busy living my life, that blogging and wanting to capture everything to write on my blog has taken a back seat. I no longer have a burning desire to photograph everything or record everything because it actually takes a lot away from living in the moment. That being said, there is something very fulfilling and cathartic about writing so I will return to this space whenever I feel the need to.

I found a new outlet in November last year - strength training. I feel fitter and more confident than ever before. Last week I managed to dead lift 60kg, which a little under my own body weight, and you know what, I felt amazing. I used to think lifting weights makes you bulky but far from it. I feel so much more toned physically but I'd say the biggest change has been psychologically. I feel so empowered when I'm strength training, I feel stronger and I'm actually not afraid to eat a lot more too (which is huge if you've been reading for a while).

And there's nothing better than lace lingerie to make you feel more confident in yourself, which is why I've teamed up with UK Lingerie who have a huge range of swimwear, lingerie and tights. Just in time for Valentines day as well! Definitely worth checking out if you're in need of something pretty to give you a confidence boost.

As for the blogging, maybe I'll write more often. Maybe I won't. This year is a big year for me career wise so I'm happy working away at life for the time being.

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