Saturday, 7 October 2017

A/W Knitwear

Hi, my name is Samantha, and I'm addicted to buying knitwear.

I'm meant to be buying train tickets to Uni and thinking about Christmas presents but apparently it's more enjoyable browsing through ASOS and Missselfridge, which is not OK and yet it keeps happening.

Talking of Miss Selfridge, they actually do have an amazing sale on right now and I managed to get the pink floral jumper for £12 instead of £40 so I don't feel too bad. It's so warm and cosy too so I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it. Paired with winter boots and skinny jeans; an effortless, lazy and stylish look. Zara are also really impressing me lately. I usually go through love/hate relationships with that store but they have some really nice pieces!

Apologies if this post now enables you spend money, but we have to keep warm this winter, don't we?


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