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Thursday, 26 October 2017

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I sent a couple of tweets out recently (probably not recently, time flies by) about how I find it funny that people curate their feeds.

I talk about it all of the time but this is the final year of my masters which means another dissertation. For my undergraduate degree, I was limited as to what I could write about as it had to fit with tutor's interests but this time, I have an open playing field.

You may roll your eyes but I'm sticking with mental health and eating disorders. My number one piece of advice for writing a dissertation is to pick a topic that you're passionate about because otherwise, you are really going to struggle. So, I'm exploring clean eating, Orthorexia, Anorexia and 'healthy eating' and how Instagram is playing a role in this.

I was just scrolling through the other day, and I found it amazing how so many people post pictures of food (mostly unhealthy), knowing full well they won't eat it. Hands up - I'm guilty as well. It's so easy to walk into a shop full of beautiful cakes, take a picture, upload and the world thinks you've had one.

I don't class myself as a 'good' Instagrammer but I was recently approached by a young girl who asked how I make my Instagram so aesthetically pleasing and I immediately had to tell her that it's not real. It's edited, curated and enhanced to make my feed just look pretty. I know this and I fully accept that Instagram isn't real but not everyone does. And, I'm not sure how I feel about being a role model for people knowing I filter the sh*t out of everything.

But then, if I want to keep up with Instagram as a social network, I have to curate my content. If you're like me, you don't go on there to see dull, dark and miserable photos. You want to see something beautiful and that's what I aspire to produce.

I'm essentially writing this to remind myself and everyone that Instagram is not always real. People don't necessarily do what they've photographed and everything is edited. If you're aspiring to live a filtered life, then know you're kind of setting yourself up for failure because it generally doesn't exist.

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Brunch at Boston Tea Party

Sunday, 22 October 2017

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Here's the thing, I have never been out for brunch. I think it's because brunch has only come into my mind since becoming a blogger, I mean it's such a blogger cliche right? But at this time, I was either a) ill b) recovering or c) skint. You could argue I could have gone when I was recovering but it's so structured and set meals that I never was able to justify skipping a meal to then combine two.

Anyway, I've finally been out for breakfast/brunch and it was glorious. I'm definitely regretting never having done this before an I shall certainly be doing this again.

My friend's favourite place for Brunch is the Boston Tea Party in Birmingham. She's an expert as brunching so I left it to her to choose the restaurant and give me menu options. I went for brown rice porridge in the end, despite swooning over the entire menu. I know it may sound boring but porridge is quite possibly one of my favourite foods, and with peanut butter, my day is made.

Anyway, I absolutely loved the place. It's such a cool, hipster place with a retro vibe. It has literally every possible tea you could think of as well - I had chocolate tea and it smelt amazing!

I'd definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a different way to begin the weekend. Such a relaxed place to go with a friend or loved one.

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A/W Knitwear

Saturday, 7 October 2017

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Hi, my name is Samantha, and I'm addicted to buying knitwear.

I'm meant to be buying train tickets to Uni and thinking about Christmas presents but apparently it's more enjoyable browsing through ASOS and Missselfridge, which is not OK and yet it keeps happening.

Talking of Miss Selfridge, they actually do have an amazing sale on right now and I managed to get the pink floral jumper for £12 instead of £40 so I don't feel too bad. It's so warm and cosy too so I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it. Paired with winter boots and skinny jeans; an effortless, lazy and stylish look. Zara are also really impressing me lately. I usually go through love/hate relationships with that store but they have some really nice pieces!

Apologies if this post now enables you spend money, but we have to keep warm this winter, don't we?

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The Cutest Stickers Ever

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

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I haven't done a blog collab in ages but there is something about stickers and stationery that makes my heart melt, so this is one I wasn't going to turn down.

Ever since Paperchase,, Kate Spade (you know the brands I'm talking about) put stickers into their diaries, the first thing I now do to my diary is use all the stickers for important dates, dinners, birthdays, holidays etc. There's something about turning a page to see a something ridiculously cute sitting next to your hectic work plans.

I'm sure you've probably all heard of Caseapp because most bloggers have had matching iPhone and Laptop cases by now, however StickerApp are the sister company who allow you to create custom stickers. So, you can either scroll through pinterest for hours and find cute images to turn into stickers, choose some ready made stickers on their site, or you can be professional and create blog stickers.

I am actually in love with how these turned out - I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these yet but the avocado and peach just make me smile so much haha! This particular design is more expensive but you can pick different templates depending on your budget and preferences. I think this site would be really good if you were a teacher or parent who needs reward stickers.

I'm now off to find somewhere to stick my new peach!
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October Goals

Sunday, 1 October 2017

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Safe to say it's definitely Autumn, eh? It's rainy, windy, cold and gloomy but the colours are stunning and we are getting closer and closer to the festive season, which is something I just love.

My life has come back up to speed this week. My first week of Uni is done and I've already had to do 5 assessments (which I did really well on) so inevitably, October will be much busier. However, I still have a few things I want to focus on.

1. Fitness. I may have mentioned that once I came back from Croatia, I gave my lifestyle an overhaul and I've kept it up. I definitely feel less frumpy and now I'm working on toning more than anything so I've introduced small weights. This month is to try and build strength a bit because when I was really ill, my muscles essentially wasted away and I'd like to reverse that.

2. Work/life Balance. I'm a workaholic. I'm insanely organised and I'm very self driven. And I know I can get carried away doing work because I do find it easy to get shit done. I have deadlines looming already and whilst I know I could work, work, work, I just need to remember to take a step back sometimes.

3. Try not to neglect this space. I'm always either in love with my blog or go for ages without feeling any creative vibe. I'm not a dedicated blogger, and that is okay, but I don't want to go for weeks without posting.
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