Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Free Time

I don't go back to University until the 25th September, so this is my second week of doing absolutely nothing. Bliss, right?

Yes, for most people (I think?).

On social media, namely Instagram, I've had the most amazing summer. Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Germany and Hungary are the places I've seen and explored. I know so many people who would have loved my summer but have instead been working. But you know what? If I hadn't have been to these places, I actually fear for my mental health.

I don't deal well with having nothing to do. I can barely do a day of staying in the house reading, blogging, watching films/Netflix etc. I could have job searched but even that seems pointless, especially when you're over qualified for a minimum wage job which I'll then have to give up as soon as Uni begins again due to placement. It's hardly fair on an employer.

I get restless, fed up and end up listening to my own mind. Having time off gives me too much time to think, think and then over think a little bit more. It gives my mind room to turn toxic and all I can do is simply sit with it.

I'd also put weight on this year. Not loads but enough for me to notice so I've begun the body coach workouts and joined a gym class. I don't weigh myself but a progress picture shows me I'm back to where I am comfortable. But my god, I had forgotten how easy and addictive that life can be and sitting here with not much to do at all, really doesn't help.

I don't think the student life particularly suits me any more and I am SO ready to enter the world of work. One more year and a new chapter begins (and I'll probably be kicking myself for moaning about the time off)...

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