Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Best Shave Yet

I am one of those women who always has time to shave. As Samantha Jones says in Sex and the City 2 'you wouldn't see me on my deathbed with a bush like that', and I'm sorry to say that I'm totally with her on this.

I haven't stopped writing about products but I'm just becoming more particular when it comes to choosing what I write about. As I've been away a lot, one thing I find myself reaching for in supermarkets is razors, because you cannot take them on a flight where you have no checked in luggage.

Disposable razors just do. not. make. the. grade.

And to be honest, neither do the well known brands which are approximately £10 every time you need a new one.

 But y'know what does make the grade? The new rose gold razor from Friction Free Shaving (FFS) subscription service. Not only does it look beautiful, but it's actually a really good, 6 bladed razor which comes with a fresh new blade for every week of the month.

FFS lets you choose from 2 high quality razors, either £5 or £9 per month which includes delivery, and comes with 4 blades to last the month. They provide 4 blades because a new blade every week makes shaving cleaner, sharper and less irritating - and it definitely works! I absolutely love this razor, it's so much more affordable than regular brands and it's so much higher quality. The only thing that may have put me off, is the subscription service but actually, you can cancel at any time SO easily.

And if you do fancy trying this out, FFS have kindly given my readers 25% off your first razor with the code 52NQKM or simply follow this link. You can thank me later :-)

*this post is in collaboration  with
Friction Free Shaving  but 
all  opinions are my own!

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