Monday, 5 June 2017

Dublin, Ireland

Last night I returned home on a flight from Dublin, having just experienced an amazing weekend.

If money were no issue, you would probably never see me again. Exploring new cities, cultures and countries is one of my all time favourite things. As Ireland is so close, it was only a matter of time before I hopped over to see it all for myself.

For the first time, I tried an AirBnB which was such a good shout. We had a lovely room in someone else's house but we were so well looked after with leaflets, tourist information and general hospitality.

On Saturday, we visited the Guiness storehouse for the tour, followed by shopping on O'Connell Street and drinks in Temple Bar.

On Sunday, we went to a Real Bodies exhibition and went on a sight seeing tour of Dublin (and a final drink in Temple Bar). I even managed to dabble in a vegan restaurant which was delicious! I thought I'd be a little bored by being a non-drinker, but the atmosphere, music and local dubliners were fab.

This cheeky trip away was 100% needed


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