Saturday, 18 March 2017

Warsaw, Poland

Last night I returned home on what was a rickety flight back from Poland. I've spent the last six days in Warsaw, both sight seeing and also spending time on a University exchange, discovering the polish social work values and their practices.

I'm pretty exhausted to be honest. It's been a full on week, with long days and not much relaxation time but I have seen and learned so much.

Warsaw is not my favourite place in the world, and I wouldn't go again I don't think, however it is full of beautiful sights, culture and history. I'm glad I've been to see how Poland has managed to rebuild itself following the wars, and also have a little insight into how life is like as a Polish social work student.

Some of my favourite places to see were the Old town, Lazienki Palace and the Palace of Polish History and Culture, but I also visited Warsaw Stadium, the Royal Castle, the fort, Warsaw Museum of Polish Jew History and The Warsaw Uprising Museum. But what I also want to mention was that I really loved engaging in topics such as Brexit, female equality, homophobia and human trafficking. In fact, the whole experience is one that has made me realise how passionate I am about becoming a social worker.

I won't write much else as I'm conscious that writing too much about work on here isn't perhaps the best thing but these pictures capture how Warsaw is made up from truly amazing, diverse elements.

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