Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Books // Sister, Sister

When it comes to books, I'm usually pretty tight. I have wishlist as long as my arm but I'll only buy something from there if it's a reasonable price, and that's because I read a lot so it can pretty expensive. I've actually read everything I own now, which is a nice feeling to have, but everything I 'want' to read is a bit pricey on kindle so I went in search of something new and found this. 99p. That'll do thanks!

This book is starts by explaining that Clare and her mother, Marion, lost touch with Clare's younger sister, Alice, when she was taken by her Father at a young age. Clare and her family have spent years trying to find her but when their Father dies, Alice is given her families' address and she writes to them. She asks if she can meet, and of course the family are ecstatic, so she flies over and starts her new life in the UK.

However, Clare doesn't seem to be able to bond with her. She feels that Alice is flirting with her husband, taking over her family life, and manipulating and patronising Clare. But, when Clare confronts Alice and her husband, she's told she's blowing it all out of proportion. She's jealous. She just needs to let Alice adjust to living with her new family.

Clare begins to forget where her work files are, she ruins her husbands paintings and she forgets about her daughter and her friend, which results in a broken bone. She's become the enemy of the family because she's bitter, angry and aggressive. 

Clare is forced to take a break away from her family and secretly flies to America to where Alice lived. 

And I guess you'll have to read it to find out what happens...

I read this entire book in two sittings. It's no masterpiece but it's a great storyline and it'll keep you hooked. A great book to read sitting by a pool this summer, I'd say!

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