Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Summer plans

This summer is a tricky time for me this year. I finish my first year of my masters on 14th July and don't go back to Uni until September sometime, god knows when.

Of course, I'd love to work. I'd love to replenish some of the ever reducing funds that I have but realistically.. and I do mean realistically, who is going to hire me for 6-8 weeks? Temp work? Yeah, maybe. But how many weeks will it take to sort that out?

So after some serious thinking, I'm not going to bother working. I'm going to see a bit of Europe.

See, I've realised that this summer is the final 'summer' i'll ever have. Next summer, I'll be finishing the dreaded dissertation and beginning to registering as a qualified social worker. Then at the grand ol' age of twenty four, I'll be entering the real world of work. No. More. Summers.

I'm never going to get this time back so I've realised it's worth experiencing the world a little bit more so that I never regret not doing it. I've done Asia for two long chunks of time, so I now want to move onto visiting European cities.

I'm starting with Warsaw in Poland, in March actually. Then Dubrovnik in Croatia, Berlin in Germany, and hopefully Copenhagen in Denmark and Budapest in Hungary with my best friend (just need to book these two, girl!).

Maybe I'll regret spending the money. However, I remember how happy I was travelling Asia and also remember that travelling is the only thing in the world that makes your richer, so I don't think I'll regret it at all.

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