Thursday, 2 February 2017

February Goals

January has actually kicked off 2017 really well. I'm not entirely sure where it's flown to, but I had some really amazing experiences - mostly being the Princess in panto, getting a distinction on my first MA assignment and getting a place on a Poland trip in March!

And hopefully, February will be just as good but here's the rough plan

1. Keep on not buying clothes. The only thing I bought in January was food (necessity) and a £5 jumper for Primark because my dad gave me a tenner, so it doesn't count right? Free money? I smashed my phone a few days ago and it was cheaper in the long run to upgrade my phone to the iPhone 7 (oh hellooo, you gorgeous thing) so no. clothes.

2. Balance life and uni work. January was insanely busy; I loved every minute of it but last night I slept for 11 hours because by body is exhausted. I go on placement in March so need to take some time out before 70 days of the trainee social worker life.

3. Blog more. I've neglected my blog so badly and I think it's due to lack of time, creativity and I think January just makes me unenthusiastic and gloomy. I have some ideas up my sleeve so I'm going to focus on this space a little more.

I think these are reasonable? I guess time will tell...

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theOMGdiaries said...

The jumper is totally justified! Plus jumpers are a necessity in this weather! I'm attempting a spending ban too so far so good!

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