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Monday, 27 February 2017

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It was only this weekend that I was saying that I don't talk about mental health or eating disorders on my blog because I don't have one. I have nothing to write about. I don't relate to that world any more really and I think churning up the same old eating disorder thoughts is actually bad for me. Writing about the time when I was ill bores me, so I no longer do it.

However, this week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2017 and the focus is on early intervention. And yes, I'm going to contribute my two pence because this is actually important.

For those who don't know, I went from being morbidly obese to having an anorexic BMI. An anorexic BMI, but I was only just. Obviously, this meant I wasn't sick enough and would have to wait 6 months before receiving any kind of help/treatment. I lost more weight but I moved away and decided to recover alone. I managed it. I was lucky.

But what if I'd have been given the treatment? Would I have recovered more quickly? Would I have actually addressed the issues more appropriately and less destructively? Would I have lost more weight? Who knows.

I get it though. Why would I be given treatment when someone else is about to die and needs a nasogastric tube? On paper, I wasn't at crisis point. With so many people 'sicker' than me (and I use that term loosely because really, it's not about weight), I get why I had to be put on a list. There isn't enough funding and there's a lack of resources.

But how much money would we save if we intervene earlier? How much time would we spare? The longer we spend with an eating disorder, the less chance we have at fully recovering so why does early intervention seem to difficult to find?

If you are struggling with your relationship with food, weight and your body (or know someone who is), please seek help sooner rather than later. Visit your GP or visit the B-eat website this week for all the information you could need on eating disorders.

Anyone who asks for help deserves it, so don't stop until you get it. Early intervention is key.
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Kinky Boots The Musical

Sunday, 26 February 2017

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There's something magical about going to the West End to see a musical, isn't there? 

I love musicals, regardless of where I see them really. As does one of my best friends, who had a birthday this month and my present to her was a trip to London to see Kinky Boots the Musical. 

We went down in the morning on the train and had a wander around Leicester Square and Oxford Street before heading for a pre-booked brunch at Smith & Wollensky. I actually managed to get a really good deal on the whole day online, and we were talking about how much you save by doing things online these days! I pretty much got the meal free when you compare prices to how much the tickets themselves should have been. I opted for pancakes, the ultimate treat.

Anyway, the show itself was amazing. I had no idea what to expect as I'd never really researched to show, storyline or music but my god, I'd go as far as saying it's one of the best I've ever seen, and I've seen loads. Matt Henry who played Lola was absolutely amazing. His voice, dance movements, confidence on stage were mesmerising and it's rare that I find an actor who I can't stop watching. The whole cast were fantastic to be honest, but the part of Lola was so emotional and brave- he played it brilliantly.

It was safe to say, we both had a brilliant day and I came out on a massive high from the songs (all of which were sang amazingly). It definitely makes you remember why I perform on stage too. The buzz is unreal.
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Summer plans

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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This summer is a tricky time for me this year. I finish my first year of my masters on 14th July and don't go back to Uni until September sometime, god knows when.

Of course, I'd love to work. I'd love to replenish some of the ever reducing funds that I have but realistically.. and I do mean realistically, who is going to hire me for 6-8 weeks? Temp work? Yeah, maybe. But how many weeks will it take to sort that out?

So after some serious thinking, I'm not going to bother working. I'm going to see a bit of Europe.

See, I've realised that this summer is the final 'summer' i'll ever have. Next summer, I'll be finishing the dreaded dissertation and beginning to registering as a qualified social worker. Then at the grand ol' age of twenty four, I'll be entering the real world of work. No. More. Summers.

I'm never going to get this time back so I've realised it's worth experiencing the world a little bit more so that I never regret not doing it. I've done Asia for two long chunks of time, so I now want to move onto visiting European cities.

I'm starting with Warsaw in Poland, in March actually. Then Dubrovnik in Croatia, Berlin in Germany, and hopefully Copenhagen in Denmark and Budapest in Hungary with my best friend (just need to book these two, girl!).

Maybe I'll regret spending the money. However, I remember how happy I was travelling Asia and also remember that travelling is the only thing in the world that makes your richer, so I don't think I'll regret it at all.
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Books // A Little Life

Saturday, 11 February 2017

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A while ago now, I saw this book circle the book blogging world and thought it sounded like an amazing read. People were posting the most beautiful quotes, and I just thought yep, I'd love that book.

Thing is, the book has 720 pages long. Usually, I never read anything longer than 500 because it just takes me too long and I tend to forget what the book is actually about. However, I took a chance on this book and it was amazing.

The book is about 4 friends mainly, but focuses on Jude in particular. His life history, what makes him the way he is, and the consequences of this in his current relationships. It's a truly heart-wrenching and dare I say awful book to read. Jude has been through so much that you don't really want to even think about it but you also can't put the book down.

It's tragically beautiful, and if you're prepared to make the investment, this story will stay with you for a long time after reading.

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February Wishlist

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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Heart Shaped Bag // Strawberries and Cream Yankee Candle // Cactus Pins

Wishlists are amongst my favourite posts to do. In a weird way, they kinda satisfy my online mooching habit. I'm actually doing quite well with not buying materialistic things which is helping as I booked flights to Poland yesterday in March (a thing with the Uni), and I want to have more money to take there instead of more jumpers in my wardrobes.

I seem to have a problem with all things disney at the moment and cannot wait for the new Beauty and the Beast film to come out. This Belle funko pop isn't out yet but isn't it the cutest? I also think the trinket dish reminds me of Mrs Pots.

I'm also loving all things pink and blogger cliched, hence the pins! They are only 99p on eBay as well, absolutely bargain!

I could have added so much more to this post this is what I'm currently lusting after the most.
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It's time to give a sh*t about mental illness

Saturday, 4 February 2017

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One reason I began this blog was because I am passionate about raising mental health awareness. It's so common, and although we're getting better at talking about it, we're still not quite there yet. The more we talk about it, the more we begin to accept that it really isn't something to be ashamed of. And the more people who discuss their mental health experiences, the more tolerance we build up for society - we tend to be more accepting when we 'know' someone who has suffered mental health problems or if we have suffered ourselves, so it's important to keep talking.

MQ Transforming Mental Health through research have provided me with some information on mental health in young people, but actually it applies to us all really. It gives a basic overview of some key facts, which may challenge how you think.

I hope you can see how important talking mental health really is.

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February Goals

Thursday, 2 February 2017

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January has actually kicked off 2017 really well. I'm not entirely sure where it's flown to, but I had some really amazing experiences - mostly being the Princess in panto, getting a distinction on my first MA assignment and getting a place on a Poland trip in March!

And hopefully, February will be just as good but here's the rough plan

1. Keep on not buying clothes. The only thing I bought in January was food (necessity) and a £5 jumper for Primark because my dad gave me a tenner, so it doesn't count right? Free money? I smashed my phone a few days ago and it was cheaper in the long run to upgrade my phone to the iPhone 7 (oh hellooo, you gorgeous thing) so no. clothes.

2. Balance life and uni work. January was insanely busy; I loved every minute of it but last night I slept for 11 hours because by body is exhausted. I go on placement in March so need to take some time out before 70 days of the trainee social worker life.

3. Blog more. I've neglected my blog so badly and I think it's due to lack of time, creativity and I think January just makes me unenthusiastic and gloomy. I have some ideas up my sleeve so I'm going to focus on this space a little more.

I think these are reasonable? I guess time will tell...
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