Friday, 6 January 2017

Surviving January

It's 6th January and I've not posted anything this year. It's been niggling away at me, hence this post.

I find it weird that January starts with full forces of motivation to better ourselves, yet it's actually a horrible month. There's no festive excitement any more, so we're left with dark nights, cold & miserable weather. I'm also adding assignment deadlines and an exam into the mix too. I just find it all a bit dreary.

I think it's not helping that everyone has gone back to work too, and I'm stuck at home revising/going over my panto script, and let's be honest it's all a bit dull.

There are a few key things I've been doing to try and survive the January slump.

Fresh Air 

I've forced myself to go outside the house every single day this week, either for a small walk or trip into town. I know, when it's freezing and miserable, it's the last thing anyone wants to do. But, the exercise and fresh air can be good for your mind and give you a break from whatever you're doing.

Plan Something to Look Forward to

I'm yet to do this, mostly because I'm looking forward to panto week but little things like seeing my friends who live miles away or a potential summer holiday really helps to spur you on.


Getting up at a reasonable time, eating well, keeping hydrated, getting dressed.. all basic things which are easily forgotten when you're lacking willpower or motivation. Just keeping a routine really can help your body know where it stands.

Be Kind

To yourself. It's okay to feel low, unmotivated or uninspired. I know the weather/cold really doesn't help me, and I know I'm not alone. Social media makes thing seem like everyone is being creative, doing their thing and loving life but in reality, it's highly unlikely. Be kind to yourself and remember you aren't alone.

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