Sunday, 8 January 2017

Disney Wishlist

Pandora Tiara Ring // Disney Phonecase

I am on a spending ban. An actual spending ban. By this I mean no clothes because clothes are predominantly the problem. 

So naturally, all I want to do is online shop. I swear there is something in the whole 'when you can't have something, it becomes much more attractive' because everything is appealing to me right now.

Instead of buying anything, I'm creating wishlists instead, starting with a Disney themed one as the panto is coming up and I have to milk being a princess for the rest of the month, as it'll then be over!

I think I am going to get the Cinderella Funko Pop as a little momento once it's all over though. I used to have a thing with them, then went off them, but now I'm loving them again! How cute are they?

I also love the squad goals sleep tee - definitely don't need it but it's nice to dream!

Oh, and those phone cases are like 99p so definite bargain there if you're after a new one.

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The Style Rawr said...

This Pandora ring is one of my faves! I adore Funko Pops, the Disney ones are adorable. :)

T x

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