Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas time in London

This post is more of a photo diary for myself to look back on in a few years, but yesterday I went to London and it was one of the best days I've had in ages. There's something about London that draws me to visit every now and then, and going at Christmas time was something I'd never done before.

I thought it would be ridiculously busy but actually, it was completely tolerable! We went on the train and spent the day shopping/walking down Oxford before heading to Hyde Park for the Winter Wonderland!

I wasn't feeling too festive before going, what with Uni assessments and everything (I passed today though so roll on Christmas now!), but the Winter Wonderland was just so perfect. We had a decoration made, had a wander around the stalls and fair, and warmed up by the open fire. Perfection.

A short but sweet post, but if you are ever thinking about visiting London at Christmas time, I can't recommend it enough. Such a good day out!

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