Sunday, 20 November 2016


A mother hasn't fed her baby for days and has now rushed to hospital, fearing the worst.

Awful, right?

A husband cheats on his wife.

Dirty scum?

A Father is repeatedly abusing his daughter.


Three completely different situations. Can you work with those individuals? Love them? Help them?

Let me re-phrase..

A mother hasn't fed her baby for days because the man she loved kicked her out and she has nowhere to go, no family or no money. She turned up at A&E because she didn't know what else to do despite fearing she'd lose her baby.

A husband cheats on his wife with his childhood sweetheart. He's been doing this for years because his family arranged his marriage to a woman he'd never met and he doesn't have it in him to tell her that he has never nor will he ever love her.

A father is repeatedly abusing his daughter because it's his way of showing love. He was abused himself as a child and that's all he knows.

I'm not saying these situations are excusable but one thing I am learning is, that we, as human beings, are very quick to judge. We jump to conclusions without knowing the context of an individual's life; the whats, ifs, hows and whys of this world. It's very difficult to work, help or love someone who has done something that goes completely against your personal morals but by simply talking, questioning and trying to understand why, could give you a whole new stance on something.

If there's one thing that social work has reinforced to me, is that we all have a past. We all have a story. Remember that there is context to everything, the next time you hear something difficult.

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