Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

I think men are harder to buy for than women. Period.

That, combined with living in an age in which no one waits until Christmas to have something but actually just goes out and buys it for themselves, makes it bloody hard to buy presents for men. However, I'm quite proud of myself because I've actually found some ideas!

I think clothes are always easy (if you know the guy you're buying for). Jumpers, shoes, underwear, hats... usually a winner in there somewhere!

I've included the pokemon go wrist watch, for anyone still obsessed playing the game and also a lunch box - because is it just me or do men seem to spend more money on lunches than women? They'll start to thank you when they save £20 a week.

The final suggestion is an e-cigarette starter kit, which could be useful for anyone who is wanting to quit smoking but doesn't feel as though they can go cold turkey. This would be a great way to start giving up!

Failing these ideas, just ask them to buy something and then pay them back..

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The Sunday Mode said...

I have to agree, I think men are a lot harder to buy for as well! When in doubt, I find out their favourite TV show and buy a box set...

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