Thursday, 24 November 2016

Black Friday Hacks

It's only Thursday and I'm feeling pretty smug that I waited for the Black Friday sales to get a Christmas present for 30% off.

Oh Black Friday; the shopper's dream, the bank balance's nightmare. I think this weekend turns the shopping world into each man for themselves arena, so I've put together a few tips!

1. Do it ALL online. There is no way on earth I am setting foot in a shop this weekend. It will be crazy busy and if you're anything like me, large crowds in shopping centres are the most annoying thing when it comes to shopping. Also, it's worth nothing that there will be more vouchers/free delivery codes online, especially on cyber monday... so you may as well stay in bed this weekend!

2. Buy Christmas presents. This is the last sale before Christmas, so if you haven't started, or like me, wanted to buy something expensive for someone - this weekend is the time to do it.

3. Set up and log into shop accounts. For example, I want a new pair of topshop jeans this weekend and I am hoping there will be more codes as the weekend goes on so I've logged into my topshop account today so I can avoid all the logging in when the servers are extremely busy and more likely to crash on me.

4. Do you really want it? I know it's a huge saving but would you have bought it anyway? If the answer is no, you probably wouldn't have even thought about buying it in the first place and you'll actually be chucking money away instead of saving. Just stop and think about whether you're simply buying into the sale extravaganza.

5. Go to bed early or stay up for midnight. If you are hitting the shops, you want to be there as early as possible.. or if you're shopping online, it will go live at midnight so probably worth staying up for!

6. Use cash back websites to get a better saving. Websites such as topcashback can save you even more money, and it's so free and easy to sign up!

7. Do your research & follow brands on social media. Have a look around today at what you might want to buy and follow your favourite brands on twitter, Facebook, snapchat, instagram. It's definitely the most up to date way of getting the deals!

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Unknown said...

Great tips, hadn't thought of logging on beforehand. Thanks for sharing.

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