Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jewellery with James Viana

I don't know about you, but I actually feel a little bit naked without any jewellery on?!

I always wear my watch, rings, bracelets and necklace (this sentences makes me sound so materialistic but it's true that I always have them on).

Sometimes jewellery can make a great gift for someone, provides sentiment or can be something you can buy yourself and every time you look at your hand etc you like 'dayummm girl, I'm an independent woman' which is what I mostly do!

With Christmas looming though, I'm definitely on the look out for gifts and one brand that sells really, lovely pieces are James Viana. They do a range of silver jewellery, from rings to earrings to necklaces - perfect for any mother, girlfriend, sister or other female relation!

I was lucky enough to receive this sterling silver ring with citrine gemstones. Now, if I'm honest, citrine isn't something I would personally choose but I do know women who would love this as a gift. It fits my hand perfectly though, and you can tell the jewellery has been designed and crafted really well.

What I do like about James Viana, is that their mission is to help every woman look and feel great, so for every piece sold, they share 10% of their profits with charities who work on causes for women. So, if you do purchase something, you know you're doing a good thing too!

There is a sale online at the moment too, and if you are interested in any of their pieces, James Viana are giving my readers and exclusive 20% off with the code 'JVBO20%', which lasts until 31st December 2016! So if you're after early Christmas presents, you're covered here!

*This post was sponsored by James Viana but all opinions are my own.

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