Sunday, 23 October 2016

Go Ahead Snacking

When it comes to 4pm, I definitely need a pick me up. And as much as I'd love to start cutting up apple chunks and dipping them into peanut butter everyday, I'm usually running across Birmingham for a train so it's not always feasible. Sometimes you really do just need something for on the go.

If you've not heard of or seen Go Ahead snacks and live in the UK, I feel like you've been living in a hole because they've been around forever. In line with the launch of a few new products, they recently sent me a huge box full of snacks to try! You can't say no to free food when you're a student, can you?

As much as I joke, Go Ahead snacks are probably not something I'd choose BUT my brother on the other hand loves them so he was my guinea pig here.. blame him if you don't like them!

Go Ahead's premise is to provide a range of delicious, satisfying snacks that are all carefully portioned so that you can snack smart - and to be honest, I do quite like the idea of portion control when it comes to snacking.

Anyway, Go Ahead make a variety of snacks; yogurt breaks, crispy slices, fruity bakes and their newest edition to the range; cookie bites.

Firstly I was sent the cookie bites which come in chocolate & orange, and white chocolate & raspberry, and are essentially mini cookies.. which went down a treat!

Then we had the crispy slices which remind me a garibaldi biscuits and come in loads of flavours so you're bound to find something to suit your tastebuds. We had apple and orange!

Finally, I was sent the fruity bakes and yogurt breaks. I remember the apple bakes being my favourite as a kid because they taste like apple pie.. I bet you could even microwave these and they'd be all warm and gooey. My brother also said the yogurt breaks were good for breakfast for those who are rushing out of the door with food in hand, and these were in cherry and tropical!

I think this range is so vast, there is something for everyone here and although they perhaps are deceivingly high in sugar, these snacks are better than your average chocolate bar so maybe an alternative for those of you looking for a portion controlled, healthier substitute?

Happy snacking!

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