Thursday, 6 October 2016

Adult Friendship

I've been thinking about writing a post on making friends as an adult for a while now but when I read this post by Jasmin recently, I was like yep, need to do that.

The thing is, when you stop and ask yourself how many friends you've made as an adult, is it really that many?

Taking my own situation into account here, and going off the fact I've been thrown into a new environment where I'm having to make new friends, I've realised that making friends as adults is hard. It's not like when you're a child where you have no inhibitions, no pre-judgements, and no other commitments.. it's another ball game. You actually have to sort of 'click' with that person, in a way in which your comfortable being yourself around - something that can potentially take years.

But actually, I've been lucky in that I've got another chance to make more friends as an adult because most of us don't have that. At school, you're thrown into an educational environment and you know you're going to be with these people for would could be the next 11 years. Let's face it, most of us make our longest and best friends here.

But what if you move away after your school years?

How, in 2016, do we as adults make new friends? Online? Societies? Through work?

It's really not easy. People already have established friendship groups and approaching that can sometimes be intimidating.

And most importantly, those friendships that perhaps you made at school actually now require effort. You know, you actually have to arrange to see someone now or text them because life has carried on and we don't turn up to the same Maths class any more.

So like Jasmin, I'm genuinely interested in what other people think on this topic because in 2016, I genuinely don't know you go about beginning to make new friends as an adult.

Ironically, I actually met my best friend now this year, but that's besides the point, right?

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Victoria said...

Such a great post! I moved to a new city in January and changed jobs twice. Making friends seemed impossible but I get out there- and I'm just being bold; asking to do things with people I've just met and getting contact details. It's a bit like dating, you have to be confident which is sometimes hard.


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