Thursday, 8 September 2016

Recurring thoughts

Is it Friday yet?

I'm hungry.

Ok, I got through the day. I can justify this ASOS order.

Why am I broke?!

Oh, it's rose gold. I need it.

Why are there no good Pokemon around here? I already have a million Pidgey's.

Why hasn't my bestie text me today?

Ah there we go, she's read my mind.

Why is this woman giving me a running commentary of her life whilst I'm trying to write this report? I DON'T CARE YOUR F*CKING WASHING MACHINE.

Oh I have a tinder match. Oh good god, what was I thinking?!

This is why I'm single. I'm too picky.

I seriously need a nap.

How do I make myself look busy for the next two hours when I've actually finished all my jobs?

Hmm, nothing new on Facebook or twitter. I'll check again in 5 minutes.

I've not blogged or tweeted or put anything on instagram in days. OH WELL.

Actually, I need to up my social media game a bit, totally slacking.

Nah actually, real life is more interesting right now.

Ok it's acceptable to go to bed now.. fabulous, I can't sleep.

1 comment

The Style Rawr said...

Haha!! I can relate to so much of this, except the sleep thing. I LOVE sleep. ;)

T x

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