The Remainder of 2016

Sunday, 25 September 2016

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Has your life ever done a complete 180 in the small space of a week? Because mine just has, and I'm absolutely loving it. I think the next 2 years for me are going to be tough, challenging, enjoyable and rewarding, but it's also made me think about how I want to maintain balance.

As a student social worker (that's the weirdest thing to write..), it's been drilled into me all week that having down time and doing what YOU want is crucial. But actually, I don't think that just applies to emotionally exhaustive jobs, it applies to us all.

So here's a few things I want to do with the rest of 2016..

1. Read more. I've recently fallen out of love with reading but I know it's something I love doing. However, now that I'm getting the train in Birmingham everyday, it's an easy time for me to read more.

2. Scarefest. I've already booked tickets for this but I'm so excited already to be going to Alton Towers for Halloween!

3. Christmas market. I know, I know, I'vementioned the C word but I'm going to be starting my shopping next month haha. I never buy anything really at these markets but it's such a nice way to spend time with good company and start feeling all festive.

4. Explore Birmingham. As I'm now in Birmingham 4 days a week, I feel like I need to explore more than just the shopping centres. I'm positive there has to be some hidden gems lurking in around the touristy mayhem.

5. Audition for a lead role. I've just finished performing in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and I loved it so much that I think I want to try out for a bigger part in the next show that we do. So watch this space!

6. Spend less time on social media. Quite self explanatory really, but I'm going to become far busier and I don't know where that leaves this blog however as long as I'm enjoying the 'real' world, I'm not actually too bothered right now.

7. Stop buying unnecessary clothes. And finally, STOP WATCHING YOUTUBE HAULS BASICALLY. I'm so bad at seeing something on someone and buying it when I know I wouldn't buy it if I just saw it on the hanger. It needs to stop!

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The Last Asylum: A Memoir of Madness in our Times

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

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The Last Asylum: A Memoir of Madness in our Times by Barbara Taylor

Here's the thing; I've fallen out of love with reading. I don't know whether it's because I've been so busy or whether I've been reading awful books, but either way, I've not been reading anywhere near as much as I used to.

I usually review books, but actually this isn't going to be for everyone and I won't try and tell you that it is worth reading because it's probably not. It's hard going and informative, and essentially is about one woman's experience with psychotherapy and how our attitudes towards psychiatric asylum's have changed over the years.

However, there was one extract which caught my attention and I wanted to mention it briefly on here.

'Accurately remembered madness is oxymoronic; if you can really remember it, you are still mad'

When people ask me how I recovered, I genuinely don't know any more. I can't really remember details of those years of my life, and until now, I always thought I was weird for forgetting. I remember odd, awful nights where I'd cried over an apple or cried down the phone to my best friend over gaining a pound in weight, but it's all very blurry now. I no longer relate to any of it.

And it's only now that I realise that it's probably a survival mechanism. I spoke to a friend of mine who was also ill, and can't even remember the flat in which she lived in. Perhaps it's true that our brains wipe that period of time to keep us safe from difficult memories? One's in which could potentially haunt us day in, day out.

Perhaps it's true, that to remember madness, you are still mad? It's certainly food for thought..

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New Start, New Phone Case

Sunday, 18 September 2016

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So, as all I've done is whitter on about how I'm going to Uni next week, what better time to get a new phone case and macbook skin?!

I've been eyeing up case app products for so long now, and was almost about to make a cheeky purchase, when they contacted me asking to review some items. So yeah, that opportunity was snapped up immediately.

I am your typical blogger; rose gold, marble, apple products. That's me in a nutshell, so obviously I had to go for something that fit those three things, and I am SO impressed with how the case and skin has turned out. I went for a pre-designed template but you can make your own design and upload it, add text/graphics.. pretty much anything you want, you can design.

I have the 12 inch macbook and the iPhone 6s, so I designed these to fit but there are so many options that you'll definitely be able to get something for your phone/laptop.

I am an absolutely geek and just love that my phone and macbook match now! I mean, even if I don't make a good social worker, at least I'll look good!

And if you want to make your own, case app are giving my readers 20% off with code WIKN20 :)

*post was done in collaboration with
case app but all views are my own!

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A New Chapter

Friday, 16 September 2016

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And that's it. I've officially just finished another chapter of my life, and on Tuesday, I'll begin writing the next one.

It hasn't been an emotional ending - perhaps because I'm having the busiest week of my life as I'm also performing in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels this week, and I'm a little to exhausted to even begin to get emotional - but actually, I think it's because I'm 100% ready to move onto bigger and better things.

It's been an odd summer, one in which I'll never forget. I sound like a broken record but it's been a learning curve and it's confirmed for me that I don't want to settle for ordinary. I want to be the change I want to see in the world, and if I don't succeed but die trying to do that, then I'll be happy.

I really was spoilt by my team as well, and I'm incredibly grateful to have met the people I've worked with, and made great contacts for the future. I had these beautiful flowers, cards, chocolates etc which was all so kind of them all.

But looking forward, I'm actually really excited for the future. I'm excited to have my best friend back, to be challenged again, to meet new people and try new things.

I have a feeling 2016 is about to get a little bit better!
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So you're falling for a female traveller?

Sunday, 11 September 2016

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I think unless you've actually experienced travelling, and I don't mean flying to Spain and sitting on a beach for a week, it's almost impossible to know how much it changes you. I've met so many travellers, and compared to non-travellers, their outlook on life (in my experience) is often quite different.

I think sometimes, a female traveller can appear quite intimidating; I know I've certainly been intimidated by some. But actually, those that did intimidate me turned out to be some of the most amazing and coolest people I've ever met.

So here's a short list of what I think you can expect from that kinda girl..

She's confident. Travelling taught her not to care about what others think so 9 times out of 10, she'll do whatever she wants. She's not afraid to be herself even her actions don't fit the 'social norm'.

She isn't high maintenance. As much as she loves having her hair and make up perfect, she can quite happily not wear anything on her face and leave her au natural. Carrying straighteners and a case of make up around isn't practical, so embracing the natural look has to be done and that's more than okay!

She's spontaneous. One minute she'll be saving for a house, the next she's booked a trip to Africa. It's cool, life is too short to not take every opportunity.

She's independent. As much as she loves the company of others, she also loves her own company too. That's not to say she doesn't want you in her life, it just means she's satisfied and content with herself too.

She's adventurous. Elephant trekking, waterfall swimming, bungee jumping, sleeping under the stars etc.. are all part of her vocabulary.

She's strong willed. Being away from home for months means she's strong willed, determined and knows how to move on in life. She knows how to take care of herself, knows how to forgive and can love you extremely deeply. However, if you f*ck her over, chances are she'll move on pretty damn fast.

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Recurring thoughts

Thursday, 8 September 2016

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Is it Friday yet?

I'm hungry.

Ok, I got through the day. I can justify this ASOS order.

Why am I broke?!

Oh, it's rose gold. I need it.

Why are there no good Pokemon around here? I already have a million Pidgey's.

Why hasn't my bestie text me today?

Ah there we go, she's read my mind.

Why is this woman giving me a running commentary of her life whilst I'm trying to write this report? I DON'T CARE YOUR F*CKING WASHING MACHINE.

Oh I have a tinder match. Oh good god, what was I thinking?!

This is why I'm single. I'm too picky.

I seriously need a nap.

How do I make myself look busy for the next two hours when I've actually finished all my jobs?

Hmm, nothing new on Facebook or twitter. I'll check again in 5 minutes.

I've not blogged or tweeted or put anything on instagram in days. OH WELL.

Actually, I need to up my social media game a bit, totally slacking.

Nah actually, real life is more interesting right now.

Ok it's acceptable to go to bed now.. fabulous, I can't sleep.

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Dear September

Thursday, 1 September 2016

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Dear September,

I've been jokingly singing 'wake me up, when September ends' for the past few months, but you're here now so I guess it's time to start waking up from the blur in which this summer has been.

It's all about looking forward now. 2 weeks tomorrow, and I'll be leaving my job. I'll be back on stage performing, and the following week sees me go back to University. It's all changing.

Change for me, is usually a brilliant thing. Being stuck in a rigid routine is too close to home for me now, and although sometimes terrifying, change accommodates new opportunities and room for growth. It's exciting, unnerving and scary all at once - but it's only in those moments do you find out who you are and/or who you want to be.

I'm now a firm believer in acknowledging the good in a terrible situation, even if it takes me a while. I've gained self awareness, realised what is worth fighting for, acknowledged that egocentricity is definitely not attractive, and confirmed that myself and boredom do not go hand in hand. Self reflection is seldom a bad thing.

I'm taking a huge risk by going back to Uni. I don't really know what I'm letting myself in for; whether I'm capable of what a masters entails, or whether I'm prepared for the demanding work load that will be required for the next two years and perhaps the rest of my life. But I do know that as long as I'm helping other people, I'll feel fulfilled.

'I didn't do this to get a front row seat to other peoples tragedies, I did it because I knew the world was bleeding and so was I, and somewhere inside, I knew that the only way to stop my own bleeding was to learn how to stop someone else's. '

Samantha x

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