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Thursday, 28 July 2016

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Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

Rosie and Caddy are best friends, and have been ever since they were little girls. Caddy goes to private school whereas Rosie attends a public school, however they are inseparable when they aren't in school. On the verge of turning 16, Caddy wishes for her life to be more significant. She lives an 'ordinary' life, and longs to have something exciting happen to her.

Not long into the story, a new girl named Suzanne begins at Rosie's school, and although Caddy doesn't like her at first, the three of them become good friends. Suzanne is the polar opposite to Caddy though, she drinks, smokes, is promiscuous and appears to become a bad influence on Caddy. However, Suzanne has a difficult past - an abused child, undeniable mental health problems and whose parents don't seem to care - so Caddy excuses all of her behaviours.

Even when it's getting in the way of her longest friendship. Even when her parents are completely disgraced. And even when Caddy faces life threatening situations.

I've actually written more than I usually would about the plot, but I really did love this book. It's unusual in that the main theme is friendship and mental health, rather than romance and heartbreak, so undeniably won't be for everyone. It took me a while to read it but that's more because I can no longer be bothered to read anything any more, after a day of staring at a screen but I really did enjoy the book and did race to the end when I knew I only had 50 pages left. It's an easy read, probably fitting the YA category, and it's wonderfully written. Definitely a summer read!

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A Blank Page

Thursday, 21 July 2016

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I've been wanting to write a post for ages but honestly, every time I come to write something, I just stare at a screen thinking 'I have nothing to say'.

I love this space on the internet; I'm proud of how it looks, the content I produce but I seem to have lost a little creativity and motivation for it.

And I know, that really it's not my blog that's the problem but more that I've lost a little enthusiasm for life. I'm working towards September but in the midst of all that, I feel like I've lost a little purpose. I'm not doing what I love in life right now, and it all just feels a little lack lustre. I can't be bothered with anything and sometimes, anyone, which isn't a good thing at all.

I'm also really busy. I didn't realise how hard it was until now, to maintain a full time blog AND full time job, as well as social life and y'know important things like sleeping? I'm rehearsing for a show (that's the picture by the way!) and I've been really getting into walking. 90% because Pokemon GO requires me to walk miles to hatch eggs but 10% because it's been really picking me up, clearing my mind and I've been enjoying some beautiful scenery too.

So I guess what I'm saying, is that I'm going to try to not feel bad when I don't post a blog post and I won't put pressure on myself to produce something I'm not passionate about. I want this to be an authentic place, rather than one in which pretends to love products because I'll be paid for it. Blogging isn't something I ever want to d full time, it will always be a hobby for me and I don't want to force anything because it'll become a chore instead.

This blog very much reflects my life, and if there's not much going on then I guess I don't have much to write about. However, I am hoping it'll pick up again soon so as always, thanks for sticking around. It's 100% appreciated!
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Why Pokemon GO is making me feel better

Thursday, 14 July 2016

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So unless you've been living under a rock, you'll undoubtedly have seen and/or probably downloaded Pokémon GO - the app that has actually brought Pokémon hunting to life.

Now, as sad as this post is going to sad when I read it back in a few years and think WTF?! I am currently loving Pokémon GO.

When Pokémon was huge on gameboy and then nintendo, I was the person who was addicted to Pokémon  I had level 100 Pokémon  would battle my brother, buy the cards. Yep, I was that person. So yeah, this app is kinda exciting.

Usually, I'd be like 'oh great, another trend which sucks into looking at a screen for another 3 hours of my day' but this time, it's a bit different.

See this app actually gets you out of your house. You have to walk around your neighbourhood/town to actually find the Pokémon  you are actually exercising! And to be honest, it doesn't really feel like exercise because you're so engrossed in which Pokémon might be lurking in your neighbours garden or on the other side of town, that you don't even notice how far you're walking. I'm even going around the block on my lunch break now too because there is a 'Poké stop' just on the other side of our office buildings so obviously I need to stop off there.

And what's more, it's can be hilarious.

I went out with my brother the other night around our neighbourhood and we basically found no Pokémon or the app kept freezing OR we'd find one and we'd be stealing each others fun because only one of us could catch it. Not to mention how stupid you look in public on your phone trying to catch virtual creature. But if it makes me laugh, I'm all for it.

And lastly, it's an instant reward. Caught a Pokémon? Instant happiness right there. They do say it's the small things in life, don't they?

So if you loved Pokémon as a kid, this is one app I wouldn't turn down!

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River Island Sale Edit

Sunday, 10 July 2016

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Can you believe this blog was intended as a fashion and beauty blog?

I'll give you a minute to laugh at that!

Anyway, I actually have been getting more into fashion and beauty lately; sometimes it's the only thing I enjoy about working in an office, and that's wearing a new top to work. I swear shopping is my vice at the moment. You know how people turn to booze or eat or gamble? Well yeah, mine is shopping addiction.

Anyway, I was going to do an overall sale edit but I went on the River Island sale and just thought they had too many beautiful pieces to choose from so it's all from there!

Now to refrain from buying it all!
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Meaningful conversation

Thursday, 7 July 2016

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“If we’re going to talk, then let’s talk. Forget about what is polite or proper and delve right into what is sincere and honest. Lead me down through the labyrinth of your true, spectacular self. I am not interested in pleasantries. If you want a conversation, then let’s get lost” – Beau Taplin

If there's one thing I have learnt about working in an office, is that I'm rubbish at small talk.

If I'm honest, I just don't enjoy listening to monotonous pleasantries, or more accurately, people moaning to me about how their husband didn't wash up last night or how you spent your evening clipping your toe nails. Sometimes you ask someone how they are and just expect a 'yeah, fine thanks, you?' in return, don't you?

I currently sound like a bitch but bear with me.

I actually love people. If you came to me with anything, I'd immediately drop what I am doing to help you or listen to you. I love deep conversation, I love learning and I love asking questions. Most importantly, I love learning about how people have become the person they are today; what they've been through in life, what they've experienced and coped with.

And that's what I miss.

I miss sheer, brutal honesty. I miss spending hours away from a screen, talking to a person for hours and hours, about anything and everything. Discovering who they are or devising a plan to conquer the world. Y'know, like when we were kids and you'd sit in a den chatting about every single thought that entered your mind. Before the polite and reserved socially acceptable norm was thrust upon you.

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A Pep Talk

Monday, 4 July 2016

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I am so deflated at the moment. 

Y'know, the kind where you could just stay in bed for a week, binge watching netflix, making no effort with anything at all because you're so fed up and tired?

Although sadly, I'm not doing that because I'm working a 9-5 job which is really, really not for me. I feel like I could write a million things about it but slagging off your workplace online isn't exactly the most professional thing to do.

Long story short, I cannot quit. Well, I could but the reasons for staying outweigh the reasons for going so I'm not going to quit. Mostly because I have a masters to pay for and unfortunately, it ain't gonna pay for itself (but if a bursary comes along, party round mine..)

So I've given myself this weekend to do the above - mope around watching films, feeling sorry for myself. I do feel bad for feeling bad too because I know that so many people would kill for the job I'm doing.

But I guess I'm not most people.

And ow I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I cannot do anything about the current situation I'm in so need to accept it for what it is, instead of constantly fighting a losing battle. I know it's not as easy as deciding to be happy about doing something I don't love, but faking it until you make it is half the battle, right?

So this morning, I've put on a summer dress, red lipstick and sparkly shoes in the hope that I'll feel 10 million times better about life. It may not work instantly but y'know, at least I'll look good! I've made some plans to look forward to and I have a countdown on my phone, working towards 16th September. 74 days, not that I'm religiously looking or anything.

This post is for me, to re-read when I'm feeling particularly uninspired by life. Nothing lasts forever; nothing is permanent. This too, shall pass.
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Minimalist Jewellery

Friday, 1 July 2016

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I'm not feeling particularly inspired by life at the moment but one thing I am enjoying is revamping my wardrobe, discovering fashion bloggers and dainty jewellery. Particularly rose gold, but y'know, what blogger doesn't love rose gold?!

I've been pinning loads recently and I've discovered some really lovely minimalistic pieces which I thought I'd share on here. It's basically taking every ounce of will power to not buy it all!

I might buy the marble triangle though to be fair, because YOLO.

Please let me know of any other shops that sell dainty jewellery too because I'm loving it right now!

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