Friday, 24 June 2016

Thoughts on the EU ref

I've actually been really ill this week, and it's wiped me out a little which is why it's been a little quiet here this week. However, as my english readers know (and for the international ones who don't), today Great Britain chose to leave the EU, and I didn't want it to go unmentioned.

Regardless of my decision, as far as I can see, today has seen some pretty awful, ugly and disturbing comments from a lot of people - all of whom seem to think they are now an expert in politics. I am all for encouraging healthy, political debate but throwing nasty comments around left, right and centre doesn't show me anything other than that our generation appears to be one which throws it's toys out of the pram when we don't get our own way.

Yes, be upset if you voted to remain. We are all entitled to feel the emotion which comes with being let down, not having something go your way or feeling hurt by others.

However, personally I think it's shameful to think that for those who didn't get what they want, now turn to calling others names such as 'racist', 'pleb' or 'uneducated' (examples). Unfortunately, life doesn't always give us what we want and we can't always have our own way yet it doesn't mean we have to turn nasty.

Whether we belong to the EU or not, it doesn't mean any of us are any less human. I've seen arguments regarding how inhumane we are for closing our borders, but somehow we can't seem to show dignity and respect for other peoples opinion during the course of one day. That doesn't sit right with me somehow.

Of course, this EU referendum is historically important, but we've forgotten what's actually important to us right now. Yes, things may change but what won't change is the fact I have a wonderful family, great friends, I'm starting a masters in September and overall I'm still fairly excited for the future because none of those things will change as a result of today's EU referendum result.

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Amelia May - Milly - said...

It's lovely to read your positivity here. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. You speak very wisely and kindly on this matter...its very refreshing.

Best wishes ...
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