Sunday, 19 June 2016

It's always the quiet ones

Do you remember when you were in high school? Can you remember which 'group' you belonged too?

One of the popular girls, with perfect hair and makeup, setting the newest trend?

One of the geeks, who got straight A's and was destined to do amazingly well?

An Athlete? Musician? Dancer?

Or perhaps one of those who were slightly different and wrongly bullied and/or disliked by everyone?

I didn't really fall into one specific category. I was one of those who could be friends with anyone. I wasn't popular, I wasn't a straight A student, I wasn't good at sport; but I was one of those people who could blend in anywhere. I had friends but was by no means popular. I was smart but not the smartest, and although I was in top set P.E, I was also a size 20 who couldn't run 2 yards let alone run around a field. However, where I sat in the 'hierachy' was something I enjoyed actually, and probably contributed to me loving high school.

Despite saying all of this, my final year at 6th form saw me become very ill and I isolated myself resulting in me not really talking to anyone from school now. However, I have recently spoken to a lovely girl I did go to school with, and also happen to admire because she's done amazingly well for herself. Like me, she wasn't the smartest (although she is smart too and was is stunningly beautiful and fashionable), and I don't think she'd mind me saying, but people didn't think she'd do as well as she has (FYI, she does PR for sweaty betty and I have every faith in her that she'll do PR for a well known designer brand in no time). In fact, we both agreed that we have done amazingly well since we left, especially as we were never grouped into the 'doctors/lawyers' expectation.

The one thing myself and this girl agreed on, was that the people we expected to excel or those we knew who thought they were better than everyone else, follow the path of mediocre job, teenage pregnancy and council house. I'm not saying that these are bad things - just not what was expected. Sometimes, I just find it incredibly ironic that people who think they sore above the rest of us, actually turn out to be pretty average.

What I am trying to say though, is that you shouldn't long to be smarter or prettier, or be jealous of someone else. I always say that comparison is the thief of joy - I always wanted to have the latest fashionable handbag to fit in, to be one of the dance girls and to get straight A's. But actually, when I look at everyone now, it's the one's who were quiet and unlikely to do incredible things, who really have become extraordinary.

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Luxrose said...

I love that saying 'comparison is the thief of joy' it's just like in the movies :)

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