Monday, 27 June 2016

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Watching Edie by Camilla Way

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this book, so obviously read it straightaway. There's something about reading a book in which the rest of the world doesn't have access to yet, which makes it feel more special. Don't ask me why, that's just the way my brain thinks.

Before - Edie is one of those girls who was popular, had dreams, didn't care what anyone else thought of her. Edie and Heather make for an unlikely friendship, but a friendship nevertheless. Heather is a smart girl, dreaming of studying medicine at Uni with not many friends, but Edie and Heather do look out for each other. However, Edie starts a relationship with a new boyfriend named Connor. One who is into drink, drugs and crime, and soon begins to drag Edie down into the mess he lives in.

After - Edie is in her early thirties with a baby girl. Suffering from postnatal depression, she thinks she's all alone but Heather turns up and helps her out considerably. Edie recovers from her depression and now wants to mother her child by herself, but with so much history between Edie and Heather, it's difficult to just ask Heather to leave.

Eventually, Heather does leave, but we soon learn that there is more to Edie that we first think, and that Heather wants an explanation for what has happened between them. 

Although a little slow to begin with, this book makes for an excellent psychological thriller, with the last 100 pages being pages you just cannot stop reading. The ending is a huge shock actually, and my thoughts on Edie changed completely, which I didn't expect would happen at all. The book is a little disturbing at times but one which leaves you both shocked and satisfied with the reasons for the insane behaviour of a certain character.

This book is published on the 28th July, so one to look out for!

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Luxrose said...

How cool you got this before anyone else I'd love that! I also love thrillers so this is definitely added to my 'to read' list :)

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