Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Spring Wishlist

Whilst I was off from work, a common past time of mine was online shopping (or mooching at least). I found a few bits for work that would definitely go down well now that I'm working in an office, including the t-shirt, pencil case and sticky notes! Does anyone else feel the need to update their office wardrobe when they start a new job?

I also still think I'm dreaming of the sun and another holiday as I really want a Triangl bikini - how beautiful are they?! And I've wanted a pair of sparkly vans but this pair of Daniel Footwear trainers fill that void nicely. 

Not forgetting the home decor - the prints and candle would definitely go down well in my room! 3 months of not burning a candle is definitely getting to me now!

*This post is sponsored by Daniel Footwear but all views are my own

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