Sunday, 29 May 2016

Currently loving..

I was going to start a monthly favourites feature on this blog, but I know what I'm like with keeping up with a series so have decided against a set in stone title and gone with a much more vague one!

I should also probably formally mention, that I've changed my blog URL and all social media handles to What I Know Now. After being accepted onto a social work MA, I think the right thing to do is keep my name much more anonymous because social workers are well known for getting a bad reputation, by the wonderful British press.

Anyway getting back on track...

1. Instagram

Not a shameless plug or anything but I've been really getting into Instagram at the moment! I've upped the filter and photo quality game, and made a more consistent posting schedule (which I am also totally fine about not sticking too). Sooooo, you fancy following me, you can do here ;)

2. Make up

Since come back from Sri Lanka, I had a random urge to actually start making an effort again. That's a full face of make up, hair done and nice clothes that haven't appeared from my wardrobe in years. I think having such basic necessities has taken it's toll a little bit!

3.  Zara Jacket

And obviously, along with point 2 has meant new clothes too. As soon as I saw this on my friend, I just had to buy this jacket.

4. Musical theatre

And as I've got my evenings to myself again, I've rejoined an amateur dramatics group and can't wait to perform again in September! I absolutely love musical theatre, and can't believe I spent so long away from it.

5. Weekends

New office job = weekends are mine! Nothing beats sitting in the sun on a Sunday afternoon in your own garden. I finally get that Friday feeling and Sunday night dread too- both welcomed, wonderful feelings after years of never having a weekend off.

6. Running

Finally, me and the brother signed up to a 10k a while ago, and it's only now that we've realised Sh*t it's only a few months away and we're still sat on our arses. So, we'e been running a few times a week, slowly increasing distance. I've actually been enjoying it after a day at work - you definitely let off some steam!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 10k that's amazing! Your Instagram is one of my favourites <3 so you've gone off the Clinical Psychology route then? Or are you hoping social work will lead to that eventually? Hope it all goes well! xxx

Shopping Obsessive said...

I have spotted you on another girl's blog and I decided to come and say hi! I really enjoy reading your posts. I would love it if you stopped over at my blog, too:
Are you up for any collaborations?
xox, The Shopping Addict

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