Saturday, 14 May 2016

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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Lena lives in a world where feeling or being in love, is a disease. Love is deadly - it kills you when you have it, and when you don't. It causes pain and heartache, appetite changes and mood swings. Before scientists realised there was a cure, people thought love was a good thing but now the world is much better.

When you turn eighteen, you are cured. You are matched with someone suitable, and are free to live your life with your spouse without feeling love or hate. In 95 days, Lena will go for her procedure and she'll be safe from the disease. She will no longer be afraid because can't ever be infected. 

But what happens if you contract the disease before your procedure? With only weeks to go, Lena falls in love, and is left with the decision of staying with her family and the town she's only ever known, or making a run for it and never being cured from the deadly disease.

I actually downloaded this book onto my kindle in January, when the lovely Sarah recommended this book to me, and I've just gotten around to reading it. And, it's a really, really good read. It's probably not for everyone because it's definitely a dystopian romance, and quite easy to read but I know a lot of people want that when they've come in from a full day at work. Lauren Oliver writes so beautifully, and the ending was something I was actually really surprised about. It's probably really obvious to everyone else but this book definitely tugged at my heart strings!

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