Sunday, 22 May 2016

Blogs worth reading

I've recently come across some new blogs on evenings where I'm doing nothing but refreshing my twitter feed and definitely thought they were worth mentioning on here, because they deserve a much bigger audience in my opinion!

Firstly is Nicole from Ginger Kitchen. I've mentioned her before on here because I recently went to see her in Edinburgh, but honestly her blog is so good. She runs a vegan, health and recipe blog, and her pictures are insanely good! She recently wrote about why she has gone vegan, which is really interesting and has also been shortlisted for Best Vegan Blog in the Health Blog awards! Please do go vote for her here if you can because she deserves to win so much!

Secondly is Mimmi from Muted Mornings. I've only just found her blog but I love her already. She's also vegan but her blog covers lifestyle, health and books, so obviously it's a definite read for me. A great one to read to get to know her a little more is Taking Stock: April

And finally is Martha from Martha Jane Music. Martha's blog is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog but also covers health and mental health too. I think I can really relate to Martha actually because she is a singer-songwriter (I'm not but used to sing classical like Martha did!), and she raises mental health awareness. She actually wrote two amazing posts on anxiety and taking outfit posts, and Dermatillomania, which you should definitely go and read.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and hope you've had a great weekend!

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