Friday, 15 April 2016

Thoughts since returning home..

I am in love with my new Oliva Burton watch. It's beauuuuutiful.

Jet lag is a real thing. I thought I knew what jet lag was and I thought it was something you could easily overcome, but falling asleep in the afternoon and waking at 4am in the morning, has been a thing.

England is cold and expensive.

We actually moan A LOT in the UK. We are a nation full of complainers, and I want to try and be more positive now that I'm home.

My hair looks so much better when it's been cut, coloured and styled. I need to make an effort more often.

I'm now 22! (I was 22 on Monday) And it's OK that I've not got my shit together yet.. I can always go travelling if I can't get a job ;)

I need to use my phone less. I've been surgically attached to my phone since I returned, and I've pretty much not used it for the past 12 weeks. I really don't need to be on it all of the time.

Doing things for myself that don't involve working or a screen, such as reading, running, scrapbooking or musical theatre, should be something I make more time for.

Why don't I eat ice cream more often? It tastes amazing.

I miss Sri Lanka already.

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A Lychee a Day said...

I love OB watches too :) That icecream looks delicious! Also happy birthday :)

Ayesha xxx

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