Sunday, 24 April 2016

Thoughts On Gratitude

You know when you want to write about something, but you're not entire sure how to? Or you have an idea but really it's just rambling on..

This is one of those moments.

It's been two weeks now since I returned from Sri Lanka, and I'd be lying if I said I was fine about it all. I'm one of those people who needs to be constantly doing something, whether that be working, a physical activity, writing.. I just need to be constantly entertained. So coming back home has been a huge shock to the system, especially as I essentially quit my life to go there. I left my job, I didn't restart any of the hobbies that I intended on doing once I'd finished University because I knew I'd be leaving, so I don't have anything to do now that I've returned. Every single day in Sri Lanka, I'd be extremely busy. There was never a spare or dull moment, and that's what I thrive off. Sure it's exhausting, but I know I wouldn't have it any other way.

I also find it very strange that nothing has changed. I don't know why I find it odd either, because even though 3 months is a long time, I knew that nothing would change here in the UK. However, I guess I have changed. I've seen and experienced a whole array of new things. I've been challenged, I made new friends and I learned so much, whereas for those back home, everything is the same. Everyone is working the same jobs, living their lives in the same routine way.. and why wouldn't they? I do it too when I have an established routine. But what it feels like, is that I've been in a time warp for 3 months, and now I'm slotting back into something that feels like going backwards. It's a very, very strange feeling.

But, as I was leaving Sri Lanka, it occurred to me that those of us living in the Western world, have it extremely easy and we are very lucky. We live in an individualist society, one in which allows us to do what we want without really have to justify our actions. We can wear skinny jeans without worrying about who we are going to offend walking down the street. We can stay out until 3am and no one would think anything of it. As adults, we can travel the world and we don't have to get permission from our parents. We are pretty much free to eat, wear, study, work, travel and have relationships with whoever we want.

And you know what? Not everyone has that freedom, and it's something I regularly forget. I may dislike the chilly, spring weather; the fact I'm pretty bored and waiting for some decisions to be made that are out of my hands (I'll blog about this another time, if things go my way); but what I should remind myself is that I'm free to do what I want right now.

And actually, I'm very grateful to live and belong to a country and family which allows freedom. It's something we shouldn't take for granted.

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Unknown said...

This is very true, it's something lots of us including take for granted a lot. We are incredibly lucky to be able to live our lives exactly the way we choose.

Lucy x- Yellowicing

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