Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Firmoo Sunglasses

Sunglasses are definitely something I can always have more of, so when I was recently contacted by Firmoo and asked if I wanted to try their glasses, I thought why the hell not?

As I don't wear glasses, I went straight to their non-prescription sunglasses range and picked out these  rose gold coloured aviator styled glasses, obviously.

Firstly, the glasses arrived really promptly and are a really sturdy pair considering they are quite cheap in terms of sunglasses prices! They even come in this really cute travel themed case, which I love. I love the rose gold coloured glass, the frames and the fact it's mirrored (although it's hard to then photograph them well #bloggerproblems) really does give it a nice look.

However, it can't go without saying that these glasses are too big for me and they make my head look ridiculous. And, I guess that's the problem with buying glasses online.. you can't try them on and see if they suit your face. Firmoo does offer a 'try on' option which is really great. You can use your own photo and see what they would look like but for me, that's not the real thing and I still never really have a clue as to whether they'll look good in real life!

Overall though, these sunglasses are really lovely and affordable so if you manage to pick a pair that suit your face, you're laughing! It's just a shame that these were too big for me.

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The Style Rawr said...

Oh no!! That's such a shame :( sometimes oversized sunnies are the best but maybe not in an aviator style...

T x

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