Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Post card from Yala and Mirissa

This weekend has probably been one of my favourites because I fell in love with Mirissa beach. However, just before I talk about that, on Friday night we spent the evening in a town called Tissamaharama which is near Yala National Park. The group of us had an early night, and on Saturday morning we woke up at 4am to begin a Safari at Yala National Park. As we were up so early, we were able to see the beautiful Sri Lankan sun rise, which is genuinely one of my favourite aspects of Sri Lanka. 

The safari consisted of a vehicle made for the 9 of us and we drove around the park for 5 hours, searching for animals. I'm not a huge animal lover, and to be fair, there weren't as many animals as I thought there were going to be, but we did see some amazing animals - elephants, birds, buffalos, crocodiles and wart hogs (to name a few). We even followed one elephant for around 45 minutes, and watched him try and sneak food from other vehicles was so, so funny.

We arrived from Yala at midday, and made out way to Mirissa beach for the rest of the weekend.We had both Sunday and Monday at the beach because it was another public holiday here! For the rest of Saturday, we chilled because we woke up so early, and then had dinner on the beach. And then Sunday and Monday, we spent our time sunbathing. I actually covered up and read 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', mostly because I was really ill with sunburn a few weeks prior. The book was also the most addictive thing I have read in years, so I will now be reading the rest...

The beach itself is absolutely stunning. The ocean is pearly blue, and the view from the rocks there are just incredible. I hope the pictures do it justice because I am genuinely in love with Mirissa (and I'll be returning next weekend for sure!).

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