Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Post card from Polhena and Mirissa

So this weekend has been another beautiful beach weekend. I split off from my 'usual' group and went with two lovely girls, Hannah and Jordan, who live at the home stay near to me as we just wanted to chill all weekend.

We wanted to go to Mirissa again, but we accidentally booked a hostel in Polhena instead of Mirissa! Although it was close, it did mean that we had to get tuk tuks to Mirissa on Saturday but it was so worth it. I don't really have much to report, as we really did just sit on the beautiful beach all weekend, and read our books. I'm not onto the second in the 'girl with the dragon tattoo' series, which is definitely worth a read if you're late to this party like I am! We did have banana roti's for lunch on Saturday which are becoming my new addiction, and at sunset, we climbed the big rock to watch the sun go down. I don't think I've ever seen a more stunning sunset than I have in Sri Lanka.

On Saturday evening, we had dinner on the beach which was simply perfection. I will definitely miss the Sri Lankan beaches when I leave here. Then on Sunday, we just relaxed at Polhena beach, which was the closest beach to our hostel, before returning home in the afternoon. We actually found out that we'd returned home to the worst power cut that Sri Lanka has had for years. The power has basically been off for almost 2 days straight (it seems to be OK now!), which has been awful. And not because we can't survive without our phones/internet, but more because the fans haven't worked and it's so hard to breathe in a hot, stuffy room. It's definitely been an experience, but one I'd rather not have to repeat!

I always say this but overall, I had an awesome, relaxed weekend. If there is anywhere I've fallen in love with whilst I've been here, then it's Mirissa. I had great company too, and as they both would say, this weekend has been as sweet as a nut, mate.

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Unknown said...

This looks absolutely beautiful Sam, the scenery is gorgeous and what a sunset!
Glad you're having an incredible time, and that book is brilliant, I loved all of them!

Lucy x- Yellowicing

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