Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Post card from Hikkaduwa

This weekend was a very much needed beach weekend, so we traveled only 2 hours to the beautiful Hikkaduwa beach on the west coast of Sri Lanka. It was so nice to just be at the beach - I know we get weekends off but when you are constantly on the go, and travelling around, you don't really get to relax and recover from the working week.

We started off the day just sunbathing on the beach. The ocean has to be the most beautiful ocean I have ever seen and swam in. The colour of the water is so blue and it's not cold at all. It's simply, heavenly. However, after two hours in the burning heat, I took myself off with another volunteer to wander the small town and look in the shops. We spent all afternoon doing this and stopped for food too - I had a banana and chocolate roti which was delicious!

Then, at 6pm we met the others to go to a turtle sanctuary. It was here that we got to pick up turtles, both baby and older, and then release a new batch of newly born turtles into the ocean. It was such an incredible experience, and something that I'll never forget.

On Sunday morning, we went back to the beach to go snorkeling. It was a lovely idea but as soon as I got in the water, I felt like I couldn't breathe, so immediately got out. I enjoyed the boat ride though and just being in the moment, in a tropical ocean was still a wonderful experience. I think Hikkaduwa beach is probably the best I've seen so far here, it genuinely reminds me of the adverts you see on the television back home.

There are also two quotations I want to write here that I've picked up from my working week too, which I want to remember/keep with me after this trip. Maybe they will inspire you too!

Be the change you wish to see in the world

The best way to honour life, is to live it

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The Style Rawr said...

Love these photos, you look so happy! Hope you're having the best time. :)

T x

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