Friday, 8 January 2016

Trusting your intuition

For the most part, I am someone who solves problems logically. Weighing up the pros and cons, finding new solutions over time to ensure the best possible outcome. However, sometimes you can't always be so practical. Sometimes there are situations where you are stood at a three way crossroads; you head says one thing, your heart tells you another, and your gut instinct is telling you something else.

I used to think that intuition was something we all just like to believe in. A bit like heaven and life after death; it's a poetic comfort for us all. To believe there is life after death makes the whole process a lot more comforting and easier for both ourselves and our loved ones. I don't know what I believe regarding life after death, but I do know that I struggled to believe that we can receive different messages from different body parts. Does it not sound like utter nonsense when you think about it?

But then, how do you explain that feeling when something just feels wrong, especially when everything else about it seems so right?

I'm very lucky. I have those friends who agree with everything I say, which for the most part is what you want because it's reassuring to think you're doing the right thing. I also have those who tell me what they think, which again is also great because a little counter argument never hurt anyone. But then, I have this one incredible friend who rarely gives an opinion; she just asks me what I think. She tells me to trust myself and how I feel. 

And usually, we always already knew what to do. Our gut instinct is rarely wrong because that is our own sense kicking in. The one that is there to guide and protect us from danger, even if your brain is tricking you or your heart is blinding you. There is a reason as to why something feels wrong and it shouldn't be ignored. You can over analyse, talk yourself into thinking everything will be fine if you ignore your intuition but I doubt that vibe will go away.

So I guess I can now say that there is a lot to be said for trusting your intuition. We shouldn't doubt ourselves, we know ourselves more than anyone else.

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